First Congregational Church U.C.C. Twinsburg, OH | 9050 Church St., Twinsburg OH 44087 US

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During this current situation Our employees will be working mainly from home. If you have an urgent need to contact one of them just call the church office and leave a message. They will get back to you as soon as they can.

Pastor:    Currently in Search of Par-Time Pastor

Co-Moderator:    Rich Bissell

Co-Moderator:    Will Adams

Treasurer:    Shari Schultz

Financial Secretary:    Rick Sheehan

Director of Music:    Chrissy Sterling

Director of Music Performance:  Alyce Jennings 

Secretary: Lynn Krekus

Clerk:    Gayle Davet

Custodian:    Yvette Schilling

Our Staff

Church Office Hours:

Tuesday 9am until 1pm

Wednesday 9am until 1pm

Thursday 9am until 1pm